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Our Pets

We're both animal people, some of our past and present pets. Click on the Images for more pictures of the animals


Phil and his brother Andy had Smeg from a puppy, I understand he was a petit merde as we say in France, he used to eat anything in his sight, and would hoover up food his own, and other people's

I adopted Smeg in May 2001, Phil always felt he had left Smeg behind but we lived in a Flat and couldn't take proper care of him. As soon as we moved to Upper Beeding and had a garden, Smeg came to stay. Not the easiest of animals, he's very boisterous and does not do as he's told.

When we decided to move to France, we thought what a wonderful life he and all our pets would have. With an acre of land for him to run around and lots of places to explore.

Phil arrived in France on one of the coldest days in December 2001, with Smeg *drugged up* From the moment he arrived, he has been so incredibly happy, apart from having his mum at home and lots of attention, he can play with his ball all day and lounge around the garden.

As you can see from the pictures he's in Dog heaven.

While we're in Nice he has a large terrace to lie on but likes to sleep on the cold tiled floor with half his body out of the door


'Ickle Vi





Intro Weather In France Our Pets Our Pets