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The Beginning

Welcome to our website, At last it has been updated and some new features added.

Now the story about how we met obviously hasn't changed so I've kept this mostly the same.

I thought I'd just spend some time telling you how Phil and I met and the sequence of events that have led up to us getting engaged. It really is a quite modern fairytale story.

For the people that know me, you are bound to know that I've been interested in the internet for many years and have been 'IRCing' (Chatting on the net) for four or five years. In that time I've made many friends, met lots of people and had a great many late nights on my computer. I can remember mum shouting at me to stop typing at 1am in the morning.

Phil has made the internet his career and so has been IRCing for years as well. At the time neither of us were looking for a partner and this is what makes our story even more unbelievable.

We first chatted on the net on New Years Day 2000, the first day of the new millennium. I like to think there are other spirits involved and that it was our destiny to meet. Over the next week, we chatted on the net for hours and hours on end, talked on the phone for over seventy hours in just one week, and then Phil announced he was going to come down and visit me. We'd only seen one or two pictures of each other and didn't really know what to expect. I felt as if we knew a lot about each other, what made us laugh and cry, things we had in common, what we liked and disliked, his passion for motorbikes, what type of people we are.

On January 13th, one of the coldest nights of the year, Phil arrived at my flat at 2am, wearing black bin liners, his leather jacket zip had broken and he later told me he'd been begging and borrowing to get his bike fixed and the bike filled up with petrol. This particular bike he'd only ridden a few miles on before starting his journey to Sussex. We spent the weekend together and decided neither of us wanted things to end. We couldn't work out how our relationship could work, we were opposite ends of the country, I had a very time consuming job and knew I wouldn't cope with a weekend relationship. We talked about it and luckily (mostly due to one of my best friends Rob, also a techie) Phil was able to find work in Brighton, working for Victoria Real, (responsible for the Big Brother website) and when he went home two weeks later, we went together and came back together.

People probably thought we were raving looney mad, but then I know Phil is and I'm sure I always was a repressed mad woman.

Three weeks after we'd met Phil went to the doctors and was told he was diabetic and was fairly ill, this was a shock to us both and I think would've split many new relationships up. However, it brought Phil and I closer together and we were both determined to get his diabetes under control. I'm glad to say we've managed it, although it could be better and it's something Phil will always have.

Well that's how we met, we spent eleven wonderful months together, and then on New Years Eve 2000, Phil proposed to me. Not the usual type of proposal as you can imagine if you know Phil. We were supposed to be going to Loch Lomand for New Year and had planned a big four poster bed overlooking the Loch, but unfortunately he was struck down with the dreaded flu a few days before and wasn't well enough to go. So instead he stuck foam letters onto our bathroom mirror with 'will you marry me Pippa'. How very romantic being proposed to in the bathroom. I obviously said yes and we both rang round our families wishing everyone a great 2001 and spreading our fantastic news.

Well that's our fairytale meeting, I can now say I'm Mrs Pippa Parsons and we couldn't be happier.

The story continues......

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